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Os   personagens  de Xena, Gabrielle e os  demais que aparecem nesse site, são marcas   registradas da MCA/Universal e Renaissance. Eles são usados sem a intenção de lucro ou de infringir as leis de copyright 





Vídeos Musicais

Thank you for hearing me

Only stolen

All is one

Cats" Duet

The Rose

I wanna be loved by you

Gabrielle"s Dance

I know what I want

Xena"s Way

My Immortal




What I Won't do for Love

  Live Happy


The Warrior and the Bard

  Dancing Women  

The Legend Lives On  

 Close your eyes 

 Stay With Me


   Remeber me


  I'll be there for you 

Stop crying

All The Things You Said (8.91 MB)

Everything (10.4 MB)  

  Spirit (5.87 MB)

Hero (8.46 MB)  

Calendar Girl (9.63 MB)

My Heart Will Go On (3.33 MB)  

  Succession (1.95 MB)  

There You Are (5.64 MB) 

   All By Myself (3.31 MB)

Kiss That Girl (2.30 MB) 

   Only You (1.90 MB)

Out Of Reach (2.37 MB)   

Radetzky March (1.71 MB)

Respect (1.76 MB)  

  Tutti Fruiti (1.72 MB)

I Will Never Be The Same (7.62 MB)

Total Eclipse of the Heart 

How do I say goodbye

I Will Love You (6.41 MB)

     In My Heart To Stay (6.83 MB)  

Avoir Une Fille (5.49 MB) 

   Ma Meilleure Amie (5.70 MB) 

Aimer (4.66 MB)   

  Tu Doit Te Marier (2.22 MB)

No Nagging Anymore (6.03 MB)  

The Queens Of The World (5.34 MB) 

 Gabrielle - Xena Theme (2.21 MB) 

   I Need A Hero (8.61 MB)

Look (6.33 MB)  

  The Dance (5.44 MB) 

   Who's Gurkhan (6.76 MB)

Antony & Cleopatra (7.84 MB)

   One Weekend A Month


   Per sempre  






Season 1 promo from press kit

Season 1 Video Tape Advert - Sins of the Past and Chariots of War



Badder Than The Boys Xena 3ª temporada Promo1

Badder Than The Boys Xena 3ª temporada Promo2

Badder Than The Boys Xena 3ª temporada Promo3



Oops Upside Your Head (We Play Rough Wanna Watch) 4ª temporada Promo1

Premiere 4ª temporada Promo2

Ending Credits 4ª temporada Promo3



The Legend Is Reborn - 5ª temporada Promo1

The Legend Is Reborn - 5ª temporada Promo2

May Sweeps Promo - Twilight of the Gods

Chakram - Xena talking to Joxer about his love for Gabrielle

Chakram - Joxer talking to Xena about his love for Gabrielle


Season 6 credits with wrong credits for Renee

NZ Season 6 Promo video

The Original Survivor - 6 Temporada Promo1

The Original Survivor - 6 Temporada Promo2

The Original Survivor - 6 Temporada Promo3



Ver no You tu be



Xena . Flying Without Wings  

For Good

 Everything I Do I Do For You  

Because You Loved Me
Time After Time

  Deliver Me

Paraiso encontrado - Cena Cortada

If I Could Be Like Xena  


Restless - Within Temptation

anywhere is 

  Remember When It Rained

All Coming Back  

Wishing You Were Here

You Can Still Be Free 

  It's Your Love

 'Into the west'  

Suddenly I See 

  Colour Blind

I Turn To You

   Bringing Down The Moon

Circle In The Sand

    I'm Lost Without You

There's No Place That Far 

  By Your Side  

I'm With You  

I Still Burn  

Anything You Can Do 

  How do I live


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